Princes Camps

The Freeman Of Gwent

Home from the European wars, with the Welsh Swords and Welsh Longbows now standing ready to defend the land. Step back in time, and join the excellent Freemen of Gwent as they set up camp with combat displays, crafts and living history. They portray the period from the early years of the 100 Years War (1337) up to and including the Battle of Agincourt (1415).

The House Of Blackstar

Covering the historical period of 1240 to 1350 they provide accurate combat displays as well as a glimpse into the life of a medieval household. They normally operate from Whittington castle but we have convinced them to cross the border! . The House of the Black Star regularly give demonstrations of Medieval life, Crime & Punishment and Weaponry displays.


Medieval Combat Wales

Medieval Combat Wales strives to promote the movement in Historical Medieval Battles (HMB) and full contact medieval fighting in Wales. HMB is a modern full contact fighting sport with steel blunt weapons characteristic for the Middle Ages. Armor and weapons have to follow regulations on historical authenticity and safety. Fighters are covered in full modern produced protective armor, made from steel (or other metal alloy if permitted)made to aesthetically be as close to their historical counterparts as possible. Hits and blows may be aimed at any parts of the body (with the limitations set in the regulations); both wrestling and percussive techniques are permitted.

British Medieval Combat Championship

Heritage Cup is coming to Wales! 

Battle Heritage is a Full Contact Medieval Combat club, its members take this sport seriously and fight to win. It is not a reenactment group. Competitors will enter into various fights including polearm, sword & shield, longsword, sword and buckler. Sunday will see the spectacular group fighting 3 verses 3 / 5 v 5 and all vs all!

British Medieval Combat Championship, Heritage Cup, is a full contact medieval tournament hosted by Battle Heritage. Teams from around the UK will take to the field in a glorious display of both 1v1 and group combat over both Saturday and Sunday. This is not scripted combat, all teams are fighting to win. Who will come out on top?"